Discover more about PBC

Learn more about primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) and find additional support through these prominent PBC foundations and organizations.

American Liver Foundation

Find news and information on liver diseases, support system resources, and information about programs, events, and clinical trials happening near you.

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PBC Foundation

A global organization providing education resources about PBC, support and tools to have a positive impact on people impacted by PBC.

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PBCers Organization

A resource for education and support for people with PBC and their supporters. The group also raises funds for PBC research.

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These organizations are independent from Real PBC Talk and Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is not responsible for the content in these resources.

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Interested in learning more about life with PBC?

Check out this interview in Good Housekeeping with Kathy and Amber, two people with PBC, and their stories.

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Downloadable materials

Risk Assessment Checklist & Doctor Discussion Guide

A tool to bring to your next appointment to help guide the treatment conversation with your doctor.

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Patient Brochure

A PBC resource for educational information on the disease.

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